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What is OpenStore?

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OpenStore is an open and free shareplace for apps, plugins, games, bootlogos, picons, system extensions and many many more on your Enigma2 set-top box! OpenStore is a benefit for all of us - the typically user which sometimes want's to explore new stuff or the developer which needs an easy way to distribute an get directly feedback on on their inventions.
You can browse through the OpenStore plugin on your set-top box or easily push everything via the OpenStore website to your device.
It is no longer required to discover the internet, to find a plugin which you can install. For your discovery you can use OpenStore with large preview images a description an user ratings on all entries!

What is MyMetrix?

With MyMetrix you can create a whole new user experience on your set-top box! You are able to fully personalize your user interface. Explore the own MyMetrix section in OpenStore and install great Widgets, SkinParts oder color schemes alias MetrixColors!

MyMetrix - simply a skin? No!

It is really more - it is a tool to configure your skin in a revolutionary new way. You can browse new widget in OpenStore website and your are able to push them directly to your set-top box if it's connected [How to connect]!
You can also vote and comment all SkinParts in the shareplace!

You are a developer or interested in building your own SkinParts, Widgets and Screen? No problem - Sign up an join the OpenStore DevCenter!


Support on!

Special thanks to all sent crashlogs, screenshots and feedback!