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Changelog // MyMetrix


 by iMaxxx

Aug 14, 2013


- (NEW) [MetrixGSP] GreenScreenProtection (removes unsupported skin elements during MetrixHD generation, if renderer or converter is not available)
- (NEW) New Generation SkinParts can now include Converter, Renderer and images
- (NEW) Bundles: Now you can install a bundle of SkinParts from OpenStore
- (NEW) Developer can now view their own SkinParts in "My SkinParts" virtual suite in MyMetrix // OpenStore
- (NEW) In general settings you can select a different template file i.e. for image specific customizations
- (NEW) Backup of active and inactive SkinParts
- (NEW) Deactivate or activate SkinParts via Web
- (NEW) Intro page on first run with easy setup capability
- (NEW) The package includes now more predefined default SkinParts i.e. for offline installations
- (NEW) Automatic updater for SkinParts
- (UPDATE) Better and faster sync mechanism
- (UPDATE) [MetrixCloudSync] Send data in bundles instead of one info per connection
- (FIXED) Problems during enabling/disabling SkinParts
- (FIXED) MetrixHD/Default skin removed and replaced with easy setup
- (FIXED) EMC ProgressBar
- (FIXED) couple of bug fixes

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